All Saints Unisex Fragrance

‘ALLSAINTS’ by AllSaints Spitalfields

A new unisex fragrance aims at 16 to 18 year old consumer group Market Level: Mass Market

Click to Read: Fashion Promotion Project: All Saints Unisex Fragrance Promotion Report


The first unisex perfume of Allsaints will be named as ALLSAINTS, which has a unique scent that expresses individuality and attitude of adolescents. is the scent is a reminiscence of ocean and wood in a fresh and sparkly way. The 40 milliliters volume perfume will be contained within a cylinder shaped bottle that made of metal and transparent glass, which has a length of approximately 3.5cm at its base, 1cm lid and 7cm length. Also, the skull logo appeared at the top of the bottle. The outer package’s design consist of a triangle shaped box made of burnt textured paper with the text of ‘ALLSAINTS stenciled on the bottom right corner.

brand boardsbrand boards2brand boards3

All Saints Brand Moodboards
all saints brand board

all saints brand board2

all saints brand board3


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